In 1995, I answered an ad in my college's career counseling office to work with a 3 year old girl with developmental delays. Little did I know that the child in that ad, and the work I would do with her, would change my life.

In the years since, I've worked with dozens of children of all different ages, with different strengths and needs, all over the world. While I wish that there were no need for my services, I love my work and am thrilled to have the opportunities I do to form friendships with, and teach and learn from, these wonderful kids.

I believe that, generally, kids with autism are underestimated. Every day, I have a chance to enjoy my kids' intelligence, humor, and broad range of emotions. I feel that it's impossible to be a good teacher without first really getting to know and forming a relationship with your students. I know that my work has been made all the richer as the result of this perspective.

My goal as a consulting behavior analyst is to improve my students' lives as much as I can through teaching them how to communicate, to succeed in academics, and to engage in and enjoy social interactions with family, friends, and others in their environment. Since the students' families are the best resources I have for learning about and helping my kids, I like to work closely with them to plan a comprehensive curriculum. With a strong team, consisting of the family, myself and, most important, the student, I believe that all kids with autism can learn so much. I couldn't do what I do if I didn't believe that. As I always say, I teach children with autism, and they teach me.

**I do want to clarify that no website or listserv could ever take the place of a qualified consultant who knows and works directly with your child and family. The opinions on this website are mine and are as subject to scrutiny as anyone else's. Please use this website as one resource among many as you search for qualified individuals to assist you directly in teaching your child.**