A picture I took of Conor (age 3) at home with Dad during one of our sessions, 2001.

For those of you who missed the autism documentary put out by WPSX on May 18, 2004, here's the link:

Take Note: Autism

Here is the full URL if you need it. Both links lead to the same place, but the first is easier to paste into your browser:

http://tinyurl.com/2ngsu (thanks to Pete on the VB list for creating the shorter link)


The doc includes profiles of the Camazine family, for whom I was the ABA/VB consultant, and the Perkinson family, as well as interviews with Dr. Tom Challman, Vince Carbone, myself, and others. It also includes half of a live hour-long call in program Tom, Vince, and I participated in. I hope it'll be of interest/help to others to see it. It was a great experience to be involved with.

By way of background, Scott Camazine contacted me in 2000 when his son, Conor, was 26 months old. We set up an ABA/VB program for Conor designed around his early learner needs, the main focus being functional communication, as he was nonvocal, as well as imitation, early intraverbals, and other skills. Four years later, Conor is finished with his program, is in a general education classroom, and is a happy, talkative five year old boy. I'm so proud of Conor and all the progress he's made since we started his program 4 years ago.

To reach the Camazines, you can contact Scott and Sue at camazine@adelphia.net. They're extremely helpful and excellent deseminators of the knowledge they've gained about ABA/VB over the years. I hope you enjoy the program and find it useful. Maybe if enough folks give positive feedback to the folks at Take Note (http://wpsx.org/takenote/) they'll continue to do programs on autism and ABA. You can use this email address: TakeNote@psu.edu. Enjoy!