These services are most appropriate for families in or outside NY with existing homeprograms. Generally, those families requesting short-term workshops are looking for a "second opinion" on their current program, or those looking to introduce verbal behavior into the existing curriculum at home and/or in school. Before I arrive, I generally ask that the family send me a completed curriculum-based assessment, typically the ABLLS, along with other assessments and evaluations, so that I can prepare before the workshop.

     During the 1-3 day workshops, I spend a day or so talking with the family and observing the student in various settings, including at home during free time, in ABA sessions with various staff, and in school. After discussing ideas, goals, and concerns with the family and staff, I discuss verbal behavior, errorless learning, and the principles of behavior. I also discuss how the existing curriculum can be adapted to include teaching verbal behavior. Upon request, I can return for a 6-month followup visit.

Long-Term Local Consultations

Out-of-State Monthly Consultations