These services are most appropriate for families outside NY looking for a consultant, but who can maintain the program between consultations. I typically prefer to work with families on the east coast, although I have traveled elsewhere. Before I arrive, I generally ask that the family send me a completed curriculum-based assessment, typically the ABLLS, along with other assessments and evaluations, so that I can prepare materials prior to the consultation.

     During my first visit, which typically lasts for 3-5 days, I spend a day or so talking with the family and observing the student in various settings, including at home during free time, in ABA sessions with various staff, and at school. Then, based on the family's information and the results of the assessment(s), I design a comprehensive curriculum which addresses language, academic, motor, and social skill repertoires.

     Once the curriculum is ready, I use the remaining time to begin training, involving lecture on verbal behavior, errorless learning, and the principles of behavior. I also go through the curriculum program by program to explain the target skills and the ways in which to teach them. I then work with the student while the staff observes, in order to demonstrate effective teaching procedures. Then each staff member and I work 2:1 with the student for a brief period. By the time the first visit ends, the family receives an individualized curriculum, paperwork, and initial staff training.

     Generally, these consultations are 4 to 8 weeks apart. On subsequent visits, I conduct additional staff training, supervise and maintain the curriculum, work with staff to insure consistency, and hold additional lectures and team meetings. Weekly, and sometimes daily, email and phone consultations help to keep the program running smoothly between visits.

Long-Term Local Consultations

Short-Term Workshops