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One of the most complex tasks both parents and professionals face is developing and implementing an effective language intervention for children with autism. Parents and professionals are finding that BOTH Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Training (NET), together with the help of Skinner's (1957) Functional Analysis of Verbal Behavior to be very effective for children with autism. And let me say, ALL THE ABOVE are components of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). This list group was designed to discuss how all of these components of ABA work together. It is a place where parents and professionals running home (and school) programs can discuss concerns and share their knowledge of this type of teaching. Other issues relating to autism will not be addressed on this list. (DTT-NET is not a methodology within itself. DTT-NET is an acronym used to describe this listgroup.) Rhonda Miga, founding member. As of Jan 2001, this list is owned and moderated by Jennifer Godwin, ABAqueen1@cs.com Please contact her with any questions.

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The focus of this list is teaching verbal behavior (VB) within a program of applied behavior analysis (ABA). B.F. Skinner's 1957 analysis of verbal behavior looked at the functions of language over its forms, and described numerous verbal operants, or units of language. ABA/VB addresses difficulties in the development of communication seen in most individuals with autism and other related disabilities, in part by emphasizing functional language and tying it to motivational variables. Incorporating Skinner's analysis of VB as part of an ABA program has recently been popularized by certain professionals, notably Drs. Sundberg, Partington, Carbone, McGreevy, Michael, et al. Members of this list post and answer questions pertaining to ABA and specifically to teaching VB. Responses are checked before approval to ensure a high quality of information. Christina Burk, Moderator.

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This is a list for professionals (including most of the leaders in the field) and others interested in Verbal Behavior (VB) in both applied and pure settings. Many members belong to the Verbal Behavior Special Interest Group (VB SIG). You can access the list's archives here.